[Warning: Graphic Photo of Death and Dismemberment]

Pardon the length of this, and some of its directness...but, IMHO, it needs saying and contemplating. I mourn for my county that conditions have risen that are so depraved, so ghastly, that we must speak of it, and see it's harshness so directly in order to shine the light of truth upon it, but, as God is my witness, such are the conditions of this day.

We live in an era where a most violent, brutal, sick, depraved atrocity is being perpetrated and accepted by far too many in our society as "ok" and common place, because it has been protected by corrupt law, because it is framed in gentle, PC phrases like "pro-choice"(but the graphic results of that so-called "choice" are hidden away from public view), and because far too many Americns are wholly unfamiliar with the ghastly, gruesome nature of the practice as a result.

That must end.

I speak of the atrocity and genocide of abortion.

Sooner or later, the scales of history, nature, and nature's God will be balanced and corrected on this matter.

God in Heaven will not stand forever by and allow the unmitigatd slaughter and genocide of his most innocent children to go unanswered.

We MUST continue to do all in our power to turn this around...but every day we are not successful in so doing, another approximately 3,300 living souls are butchered...and I mean butchered in the most real and graphic sense.

As stated, most are not acquainted with the extent or graphic nature of the butchery that is going on in America, protected by corrupt law. Most do not want to be acquainted with it. Pardon the graphic nature of the following photo, I know most people will recoil in horror from it...but this is what is going on every day, thousands of times a day, across this nation:


That is the gruesome truth of what is occuring. Approximately 3,300 a day, approximately 1.2 million per year. Over 50 million to date. And people need to see it and look long and hard at it, as difficult as that is to do, because like the graphic pictures of the Nazi holocaust awakened us to the true nature of it, and burned away any rationalization of it by apologists, the pictures of what is going on in America need to do the same if we are to avoid even worse horrors in the future.

Dr. Tiller, who was shot and killed on May 31, 2009, trafficed in precisely the type of gruesome death portrayed in that photo and profited from it. He was worse than Dr. Mengle or Goebbles of Nazi Germany. He personally performed...personally performed...tens of thousands of abortions. He advertised for it, he revelled in it.

56,000 were killed in Buchenwald...and the world justifiaby, and understandably condemns the holocaust and hunted down and executed the perpetrators.

By his own admission, Tiller butchered 60,000 and more, and yet a corrupt law, that has protected the practioners in this gruesome holocaust, protected the man from the true rule of law.

Anyone blind to the sick, evil irony of that have accepted a deparved set of circumstances and strong delusion.

I mourn Tiller's family at the loss of their father and grandfather. I doubt seriously that they knew the full and graphic nature of what he was involed in.

But I absolutely refuse to mourn the fact that he, Dr. Tiller, a bloody, gruesome killer of fully formed babies...who were alive, who could FEEL THE PAIN of being literally ripped asunder, will himself murder no more.

Some people say that there are only perhaps three valid reasons to commit violence against others:

1) In a justified war.
2) To protect your own life and liberty, or that of those dear to you.
3) To protect your property.

I fear greatly for our nation when I realize that not even the gruesome death of 50 million innocent children has produced in ourselves as a society the will to FORCE this evil to stop. Perhaps we should realize that the culture of death has been at war with us for over 45 years...and the death toll has been staggering.

When will be the proper time to respond to this genocide with force? After 65 million are dead? After 100 millon are dead?

Or perhaps it will be after they open live-birth-abortion centers all across this nation where people can bring in their unwanted children who are mentally challeged, physically challenged, or just too inconvienent up to 24 months of age to be "disposed of". Will that be the right time?

Don't kid yourself, there are forces and voices in this country pushing towards just that type of thing now.

We should all ask oursleves these questions because it is the stark reality of what is going on...and then seriously think about and pray about the answers.

Clearly, in Nazi Germany, in the 1930s, the time for the people of Germany to use force to stop what the Nazi culture of death produced there was long before the concentration and death camps like Buchenwald, Auschwitz, and many others were created.

Well, we have death clinics already in place all over this land, and have had for decades, and they are continuing on, day in and day out, in this ghastly genocide.

And do not try and imagine that some how it is not the same as the 1930s. What we are seeing done here under color of law, IMHO, is even worse than what occured in Germany (also under the color of law I might ad)...though it is a distinction of degrees in pure evil. It is the slaughtering of the most defenseless souls amongst us, those with no choice whatsoever, and no ability to avoid it. They can't run, they can't hide...they can only utter a silent scream within the very womb of their mother as they are literally ripped asunder. Unprotected by their very mothers, their fathers (which are not even known in far too many cases), their grandparents, their kin, the Doctors who took an oath to protect life, or the laws of a nation that was originally founded on, first and foremost, the unalienable right to life!

I pray we can halt this genocide and slaughter in the court of public opinion and at the ballot box.

But our forefather's hoped for the same thing over slavery (on both sides I might ad) until the bloodletting came. I fear God in Heaven will already hold us all, our entire society, reponsible for the magnitude of this evil.

I know this...if it ever does come to a war over this issue, I know excatly which side I will stand and fight with.

If, God forid, it does come to that...and with the evil depravity that has gotten ahold of so many hearts amongst us in this nation on this issue (like our own current Presidet who said, in support of abortion that,"I don't want my children punished with a baby."), I fear it may well come to that.

Then like John Brown prior to the Civil War, we may find that the individual, who "went to war" against Dr. Tiller at a time when it was clearly illegal to do so (though it is legal for the butchers to rip those children apart for profit each and every day), as I say, we may well find that this act was on the right side of history after all.

Finally, let this quote from April 24,2009, by Barck Hussein Obama, when referring to the Nazi Holocaust stand as the final witness in this article. Every phrase in what Barack Obama uttered on that day stands as a witness against him and all abortion supporters because it also speaks the truth of the more gruesome holocaust of abortion, which has claimed many, many more innocent lives.

“It is the grimmest of ironies that one of the most savage, barbaric acts of evil in history began in one of the most modernized societies of its time, where so many markers of human progress became tools of human depravity: science that can heal, used to kill; education that can enlighten, used to rationalize away basic moral impulses; the bureaucracy that sustains modern life, used as the machinery of mass death, a ruthless, chillingly efficient system where many were responsible for the killing, but few got actual blood on their hands.”–Barack Obama April 24, 2009, Holocaust Remebernce Day, Chicago Sun Times.



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