About Volume IV - The Long March

“Dragon’s Fury - The Long March” is the fourth volume in the "Dragon's Fury" series of novels. It picks up the story immediately following the three climatic battles described Volume III where the western allied nations finally turn the tide of war. It follows the action through the long costly struggle, many times against overwhelming odds, as the allies begin to push back GIR and CAS forces who have occupied former peaceful nations, some of them being occupied for years..

As has been the case with all of the volumes, Volume IV is a story of cultures, competing political systems, strategies and technology, where the Red Chinese, the fundamental Islamic states and other belligerent nations continue to develop and employ surprising advances against the West to great effect. It is also a story of faith and the ultimate triumph of good over evil in the face of horrific obstacles and setbacks. From leaders in high offices of power, to soldiers and sailors from the involved nations, to housewives and their children, down to kids on the street, it is also the story of people - common and not so common - caught up in the titanic struggle.

The series continues to addresses key issues about current political and military practice. It also addresses the key social issues of the day as they are played out in a dramatic war-time setting. A setting that ultimately produces the will and fortitude of another "greatest generation" in America.

May those who read the series, find pause enough in the potential horror to consider current events, may they be heartened by the strength and vitality of good moral people, and may they be motivated to insure that nations and their peoples remain strong and committed to liberty. ... and that liberty must always be based on the unalienable rights of the individual, on the free will of those same individuals, on morality, on faith in the Provider of unalienable rights and on individual accountability ... at all levels.


Jeff Head
June 25, 2003
Emmett, ID