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Very well written, so well that it was downright scary in its realism - I could not put this down. Characters, events, places and things are well developed and kept me on the edge of my chair. Mr.Head's ability to paint a big picture and the same time introduces believable characters in personal situations is first rate. The book has a strong moral theme, a good dose of religion and enough politics and intrigue to further enrich the plot. It's a great read.

Well, this book was just plain epic. From the technology, to the battles, to the characters. I would easily say that it is comparable to Red Storm Rising (Tom Clancy) and better in many aspects.

This genre of book is not normally something that I read, but within the first few pages, I couldn't stop reading. Like others have said, the author has a talent in weaving stories together with climactic battles to keep the reader engaged. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone.

The scope of the novel is vast. Finally, a well-thought out WW III novel with a terrifying scenario. Are we seeing the beginning of this in reality right now?

This five volume set has a very believable story line. It is set in the very near future and the conflict between the USA and it's allies and China and it's allies has come to pass. Jeff Head has put together characters, story lines, facts, and figures and created a very plausible scenario for the future of the world scene. If anything, Jeff may be too optimistic about the actions, and reactions, of different countries throughout the world, but that takes nothing away from the story. If you are looking for a page turner, in a somewhat Clancey style, you could do no better than this set.

I'm not a fiction reader. Perhaps that is why I found this so hard to put down. This author's talent is as genuine as his love for his country. I find it refreshing that he hides neither. I would definitely recommend this.

The Dragon's Fury series layed out a predictive geopolitical scenario wherein an alliance between China, India, and a Greater Islamic Republic join forces against the United States and its few remaining allies. We're watching this Islamic Republic take shape today, in pretty much the form predicted by Mr. Head almost a decade ago. I read each of the paperback versions as they became available, then got the consolidated hardback version when it became available. We have some difficult years ahead, and with the Dragon's Fury series, Mr. Head described the framework for most of the global events we see unfolding.

The book is amazing and Jeff Head writes the Dragons Fury in a very realistic like portrayal of the future and accompanies it with a very entertaining plot. This book deserves to earn rewards. I look forward to more.

Having read all of the the series, I can truthfully say that it kept me enthralled, interested and excited right up to the end.

As the freedom loving republics of the world move into the final phase of their seven year long struggle against the greatest tyranny, enslavement, and atrocity that the world has ever known...you find yourself wondering what the enemy will pull out of the hat to reverse things. They do pull horrific things out of the hat that come close to undoing all of the progress made by the United States and her allies. But more than a tale of warfare and technology, which this series is an epic of...the story really reveals the depth of the plot in the lives of the people involved, and the punctuation they make regarding morality, reason and the other underlying principles the make the type of liberty enjoyed in the United States possible.

Despite all of the horror and hardship...this story stands as a monument to faith, the timeless struggle of good against evil and the level of commitment that makes the eventual triumph ove evil possible. I recommend the DFS not only to those who love the military techno-thriller genre...but to anyone interested in an uplifting experience about freedom.

Thanks a lot Mr. Head...you provided me with days of great reading and left me with good feelings, despite the concerns raised by the series about current geo-political conditions.

I have just recently finished your book. Outside of some political/societal parts, I thoroughly enjoyed your book like I did when I watched Star Wars for the first time. I thought the naval warfare, weapons development, and the epic troop movement detailed in the book were eye opening, and I constantly looked at the globe at my table to keep track of force deployment with a tally of enemy/allied troop numbers.

Did you ever read Invasion by Eric L. Harry? He spend most of his time on infantry battles, but sadly the stellar book had a barebone conclusion.

In addition, I was sort of puzzled as why Mecca was destroyed by US forces when it is a city of Saudi Arabia and thus would plague relations with Saudi Arabians and the majority of secular Muslims in the world. I wished events would have folded differently that would have allowed the city to survive but the fundamental muslims be pounded into dust.

I was pleasantly surprised at the term "red chinese" since Tom Clancy's overt use of chinks and chinese klingons really annoyed me in his unmentinable failure of a book.

Just wanted you to know I'm on my second trip through the book. I thought so much of it I purchased the big hard back volume to go with my paper back copies. I have turned several on to the book including a very fine group of young men in Indiana who took a carbine class with me last year. I find the book is moving me at least as strongly, maybe more strongly, than it did during the first reading. Please keep up the good work.

I've been reading the Dragon's Fury series since 2003 - Thank you! Also, I just saw the news about the chinese launch of an ASAT weapon further confirming your prognostications.

I will voice my opinion on the book...I couldn't put it down till I was done. I would just like to elaborate on the space combat element. I thought that it was very realistic: lasers and nuclear weapons probably would be the weapons of choice. I also think that it would be necessary to have a Space Navy to safeguard satillite capabilites

I have just finished the book and I have enjoyed it very much. Some parts are written from little to conservative point of view for European semi liberal like me but all in all it is still great book…
I am 128 pages into your novel already and can't stop reading. This is a great book! I am so thoroughly entrenched in it. Thank you for offering it. You are very talented.

I tore through this book and enjoyed it. I havn't read a book of this scope and magnitude since Red Storm Rising. This story is completely possible but let's not forget it's categorized as fiction not prediction here.

I've been reading your book and I have liked it a lot so far. I'm almost done. People say that it is unrealistic, but certain "unrealistic" things have to be allowed for within the parameters of the story for the story to even happen at all. The story is about what would happen if a unified Islamic nation, India and a better-armed China took on the US with the aim of world domination. It doesn't matter if that is realistic...that's what the story is about.

I've been reading non-stop and just got finished. Great, GREAT story. Love the action and the political, economial, and military alliances you had going. Everything went hand in hand with each conflict/battle. I would seriously suggest this to anyone who likes reading about military action books once again great book and thanks

I would like to point out that Red Storm Rising was not actually planned out by Tom Clancy, whose understanding of non-Nato equipments is so-so at best. It was war gamed out with a serious ex-military consultant. The Dragon's Fury serious is far more balanced and well thought out than anything Clancy himself could ever have written.

I ordered the book and just got it this morning and started reading when my little boy took his nap.....anyway enjoying the book very much.......Jeff, thanks for putting out a great product for all us techno thriller reader.

I just finished reading my Dragon's Fury Hardback Edition, and it was excellent! It's nice to know that a quality, exciting, and informational story can be told without resorting to foul language, etc. Definitely a page-turner, and definitely worth reading more than once; and unfortunately, almost totally believable. The only part I found to be a bit of a stretch was asteroid-related (don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read it yet), but that's only given the time-frame. Hopefully you are privy to some super-secret information that the rest of us aren't. I would recommend the series to anyone. Thanks, keep up the good work

Read the series in PDF form for free and stayed up late really caught up in the story. While I am sure that supplying a free version may seem to undercut sales, in my case the quality of the story made purchase of copies of the hardbound Collector's Version mandatory. My dad will be very happy on his birthday this coming fall. Thanks for the story and for the opportunity to sample it for free—and for patriotism.

I ordered Jeff's "Dragon Fury" and I couldn't put it down! Excellent series!

My review is this. Buy them, they're damn good.

WOW! Where has this book been hiding? This is a great military techno-thriller, in my opinion every bit as good as the best of Clancy. It is also very sobering.

No "we're invincible and can't be touched" syndrome with Mr. Head. But he does speak to the faith and perserverence of a free people through to an ultimate, hard-fought, and costly victory.

I just finished reading Dragon's Fury. The series is AMAZING!!! These books are among the very best I have ever read, EVER!!!

If movies are made of each of the books, I will wait in line for them like I did for the Star Wars saga.

With all of the talk now days about Red China and its military buildup...not the least of which was the US Defense Department's latest study...this book is very timely and very sobering in its scenario of a future war between the United States and its allies and Red China and its allies, which grow to include the fundamental ISlamic nations.

I found the character development extremely well done...continuing with dozens of different characters throughout a five volume series. Some major characters are lost on both sides...others are added to fill out the myriad viewpoints from which the tale is told.

The battle scenes and intrigue are exciting and spellbinding...and very believable. It is a vast canvas Mr. Head paints, covering most of the world and the saga of a world war wider in scope than World War II.

As to the grammar and spelling...I did not notice too terribly many...but they were there. I notice that Mr. Head self-published the work so that explains a lot. They were not distracting to me...and I have found similar errors in fully, main-stream published works, with all the high paid editors in the world. Guess it just depends on your view of the world and how Mr. Head shapes it up in this fictional story.

...and to be sure, it is clear that Mr. Head has strong feelings about vartious current issues affecting our world and he is quite strong in his voicing of them throughout the work. I did not find this distracting because he wove it in with believeable characters (which mirror our real world) who feel this way.

This is, simply stated, the best overall, modern World War III story on the market today.

Naval battles and strategy, Air Force, Amry, Marines, Amphibious assault, espionage, terror, weapons of mass destruction, geo-political intrigue, high tech weaponry, research and development, space warfare, asymetrical warfare...this novel has it all with a wide cast of real-life characters...many of whom die (including some of the most major characters) along the way...whose every day lives are impacted in compelling ways by the overall war story.

Highly recommended with five stars. I hope some day Mr. Head and this series are picked up by a major publication house as the entire thing is apparently self-published. This series deserves major publication.

Having been intimately involved with this project from its inception several years ago, I have experienced something akin to birthing pains with the publication of each of the volumes, and the hard back edition represents the end of a labor of love. :)

In all five volumes, Jeff exhibits a Clancy-like gift (actually in many aspects superior to Clancy, to my mind) that allows him to maintain as many as a dozen or more simultaneous story-lines, intricately knitting each separate piece of the larger puzzle together just often enough that the reader 'remembers' the common thread that runs through them all.

He also exhibits a masterful understanding of world history, current events, and military strategy, and a detailed knowledge of missile/ship/satellite/weapons functions, origins, capabilities and terminology.

The human element is also extraordinarily well portrayed. This isn't simply a cold, facts-and-figures account of World War III. During my attempts at editing, I came across many deeply touching, or deeply tragic, or deeply uplifting parts of the story that either brought me to the verge of tears, or left me with a major lump in my throat.

Yet, to my mind, the most appealing aspect of this series is its believability. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of the state of the world - especially the obsessive and violent nature of Muslim fanaticism - will be justifiably chilled by the realization that all of the horrors contained within the covers of these volumes are not out of the realm of possibility.

Yet (even more importantly), anyone with a belief in God, and the understanding that, no matter man's arrogant undertakings, He is always in control, will close the books, after reading the final chapter, reassured that, so long as we as a nation look to Him for the strength, wisdom and guidance to face any foe, He will provide us the necessary tools with which to prevail.

Jeff Head has written a superb account of possible catastophic future events, but has tempered it with an optimism that leaves the reader both recognizing the need to confront the evil in this world, and understanding just what it will take to defeat it.

I just received the hardback edition. It is absolutely beautiful.

Although I was a little taken aback by the size of the print, that was only because it is so different from the paperback size. I have read many books whose print was that small, and I don’t believe it detracts from the edition at all.

As a matter of fact, I was so impressed by the appearance (and am, of course, well acquainted with the content) that I just finished ordering two more from booksamillion.com for two of my sisters as a Christmas gift.

Thank you for the wonderful addition to our library. It will sit on an honored shelf right next to the five paperback volumes.

To let you know how important I think your Dragon's Fury series is, I am donating my set to my local library for circulation (that's why I purchased it) and strongly recommending to all my friends that they read all five books. I think many of them will, as they know what an incredible tightwad I am - they'll figure anything I'm actually willing to spend my own money to get people to read MUST be important. In that regard, it's just continuing a chain - I read the first book after it got a glowing recommendation in Fred's M-14 column in Shotgun News.

I have read this book. It presents a chilling senario for the future. We, the USA, need to review our present foreign policy and get real relative to our potential enemies.

The author's intelligent and vivid depictions of entirely possible future events (should the free world neglect to be vigilant and prepared) all find their way onto the pages of this chillingly prophetic (but certainly not without optimism) book. And books two through five promise to be just as intriguing