Why Dragon's Fury?
I have been the recipient of the very best the United States has to offer. I have lived in prosperous times brought on by the strength and vitality of free enterprise in a free market that is based on liberty and broad-based faith and morality. I have also had the opportunity of world travel in my career and observed many other cultures and people.

Over the last thirty or more years, I have watched, with growing discomfort, as our traditional American society and system of government, and everything it is based upon, has been attacked, compromised, watered down, and corrupted by individuals, institutions, and governments, both foreign and domestic. It’s happened gradually, as most Americans have been too busy with professional and material pursuits to notice it.

In the mean time, our most sophisticated technologies have been given away, sold, and stolen, and potential enemies are building up while we “staff down”. The wealth of our markets has been ill used by manipulators, politicians, and regimes who are not our friends...who represent the antithesis of our way of life, our system of government, and the values that it is all based upon. In addition, our entire society has been watered down by a form of political correctness and immoral socialization that I believe the founders of this nation would have fought to prevent.

The result is that we have become vulnerable. On September 11, 2001, we were shown how vulnerable in a horrific way. In order to avoid much worse, we must be vigilant and grasp tightly to the heritage and moral values that have made this nation strong, and re-institute them into our lives and society. If we do not do this, then events could lead to a scenario where we risk losing our liberty, our way of life, and our very lives…all of which have been purchased in blood by those who have gone before.

This novel has been produced with the hope, that while reading it, individuals will be inspired to look to the foundations of their liberty, and have a desire to restore the strength and vitality that has kept that liberty alive and shining in America as a beacon to the world for so long. This is the underlying reason for “Dragon's Fury”, along with a simple desire to produce a compelling, exciting story that is simply a “good read”.

Jeff Head
Idaho, USA
September 2006


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