President Barack Hussein Obama is certainly a President of firsts. Here's a fairly comprehensive list: (Read them and weep for our nation)

  • 1st African-American President (actually 1/2 African-American) in history.
  • 1st President to come out in open support of gay/lesbian marriage, even though 31 US States have amended their State Constitutions defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.
  • 1st President to claim that under his presidentcy the, "rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal."
  • 1st President to rack up over 5 trillion dollars in debt in less than four years.
  • 1st President to literally bow to foreign heads of state.
  • 1st President to have the national debt exceed 10, 11 , 12 , 13 ,14 and 15 trillion dollars.
  • 1st President to preside over a cut in the credit rating of the United States.
  • 1st president whose Attorney General (or any active member of his cabinet) was citred for contempt of Congress, and in a bi-partisan vote.
  • 1st president to utilize Executive Privelege to cover for his Attorney General about an activity the President claims to have not been involved in, and know nothing about.
  • 1st president whose Attorney General actively lied to Congress and then later had to rescind his testimony regarding his knowledge of a gun running plan to Mexican drug cartels.
  • 1st president whose Attorney General presided over an illegal sale of thousands of illegal weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.
  • 1st President whose Attorney Genral dismissed charges against New Black Panthers who were filmed wearing camo fatigues, wielding billy clubs at voters during the 2008 elections. He dropped the charges.
  • 1st President to have his signature legislation ruled unconstitutional on the grounds it was written on, only to have it ruled constitutional on a tax authority for which it was not written.
  • 1st President to spend a trillion dollars on shovel ready jobs that he later admitted never existed.
  • 1st President to loan hundreds of billions to solar firms going bankrupt, then re-write the loans so the taxpayers were in last place when they went bankrupt and his supporters then walked away rich.
  • 1st President to have coninuous 8% or higher unemployment for over a continuous three year period.
  • 1st President to have millions of Americans give up and leave the searching work force, which made a 10-12% unemployment rate look like it was only 8%.
  • 1st President to preside over a period where over 45% of the American public paid no taxes.
  • 1st President to proclaim at a conference with a foreign leader that the United States is not a Chrsitian Nation.
  • 1st President to appoint a Secretary of Treasury (and five other top posts), an individual who is a tax evader owing the US government tens of thosuands of dollars.
  • 1st President to have over 45% of the American people on Government assistance.
  • 1st President to publically threaten the Supreme Court while it was deciding a case...particular a case regarding his own initiative.
  • 1st President to preside over passing legislation to take over the entire health industry, which proposal and legislation is what the Supreme Court is deciding on.
  • 1st President to deliver a eulogy for a communist activist (Saul Mendelson)
  • 1st President to openly refuse to uphold Federal Law (the Defene of Marriage Act), openly violating his oath of Office to protect and defend the constitution and bear true faith and allegiance to it.
  • 1st President to have 17 vacations in his first four years.
  • 1st President to issue an unlawful recess appointment when the Senate was not in recess (against the advise of his own Justice Department).
  • 1st President to repeatedly and purposely fail to issue Presidential statements at Christmas and Easter.
  • 1st President to call for our ally, Israel to retreat back to the pre-war 1967 borders.
  • 1st President to actively support the overthrow of an allied leader, at peace with Israel, in Egypt and support his replacement by militant Islamics, the Muslim bortherhood.
  • 1st President to cancel the celebration of the National Day of Prayer at the White House but hold a day of Islamic Prayer there during Ramadan.
  • 1st President to sue a State for requiring valid IDs to vote.
  • 1st President to halt deportation of illegal aliens in order to issue them temporary work permits, using his executive powers inappropriately to givve them amnesty.
  • 1st President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • 1st President to sign a bill permitting the government to hold anyone suspected of association with terrorism indefinitely, without due process, no indictment, no judge or jury, no evidence or trial.
  • 1st President to appoint 45 czars to issue directives in lieu of legislation
  • 1st President to bypass Congress and implement the DREAM ACT by executive fiat.
  • 1st President to threaten a private Auto Company (Ford) after it publically made light of bailouts to GM and Chrysler.
  • 1st President to threaten insurance companies after they publically complained that the President's health care legislation was why the had to increase rates.
  • 1st President to terminate America's ability to put a man in space.
  • 1st President to require private companies to disclose their political contribution records before being able to bid on government contracts
  • 1st President to golf over 90 times in his first four years.
  • 1st President to have 22 personal assistants/servants for the 1st lady.
  • 1st Presidnet to have a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000/year at taxpayer expense.
  • 1st president to defy a Federal Court order to cease implementing his "Health Care Reform" law.
  • 1st President to tell a private manufacturing company which state it could or could not locate a factory in.
  • 1st President to refuse to comply with a Congressional Oversight Committee supoena.
  • 1st President to withdraw an existing coal permit to a private company that had been properly applied for and granted years earlier.
  • 1st President to take over a US Auto Company and determine who its executives would be.
  • 1st President to aborgate US Bankruptcy law so he could turn the company over to his Union supporters.
  • 1st President to issue an Executive Order making his educational, travel, and health history a national security secret.
  • 1st President to fire an inspector General of Ameri-corps for catching a friend of the president in a corruption case.

Yep...this is the list of "1st"s this President, Barack Hussein Obama, has accomplished in his first four years.






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