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By Jeff Head - Last Update: January 11, 2016

Any amount appreciated

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Introduction and Overview:
The People's Liberation Army Navy, or PLAN, which is the Naval Armed Service of the People's Republic of China, has continued its growth and modernization throughout 2015, which it has now sustained for over a decade. In fact, in 2015, with so many different projects and achievements, it was clearly a banner year for the PLAN. The PLAN's growth and modernization is aimed at two objectives:

  1. The overall modenization of the PLAN fleet. There are many older corvettes, frigates, destroyers, landing ships, replenishment vessels, and submarines that still need to be replaced.
  2. The transformation of the PLAN from a coastal navy operating within the 1st island chain in the western Pacific, to expanding its operations throughout the 2nd island chain and into the blue water.
These two goals and objectives go hand in hand with one another. In order for the PLAN to achieve the latter, it must also accomplish the first.

The PLAN has made consistant progress towards both goals over the last twelve years, as successive reports on The Rising Sea Dragon in Asia atest. The PLAN now consistantly and normally operates throughout the 2nd island chain, and its new vessels, individually, and grouped into small task forces, are seen more and more throughout the other major oceans of the world. This type of progress extends to all major areas of the PLAN's operational capabilities.

All in all, the PLAN added six new corvettes, five new frigates, three new destroyers, five new replenishment vessels, three new amphibious ships, four new submarines, and many new aircaft in 2015. That type of growth has become the norm, and appears likely to continue for the next several years.

This report will examine the developments and growth within the PLAN surface combatant fleet, within the PLAN's amphibious fleet, extending to the PLAN's naval air arm (both carriers and aircraft), its logistical supply fellt, and to submarine developments.

The report will also give an overview of the progress of the PLAAF's J-20 5th generation stealth fighter, and finally, take a look at the phenominal reclamation efforts the Chinese have made in developing new islands in the South China Sea.

Navigating this Report:
Please, click on the following links to got to any of the areas, or you can start with the first and progress through each in turn. At the end of each page you will be given links to either proceed on to the next topic, or return to this overview.

1. Surface Combatant Developments
2. Amphibious Assault Developments
3. Naval Air Developments
4. Logistical Supply Developments
5. Submarine Developments
6. J-20 5th Generation Stealth Aircraft Developments
7. Island Recalamation Developments in the South China Sea
8. Summary

Jeff Head
Idaho, USA

January 2016

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