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By Jeff Head - Last Update: March 6, 20187

Any amount appreciated

This site documents and analyses the rapid growth and modernization of the Red Chinese Navy, known as the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), and puts it in perspective relating to the US Navy in the Western Pacific (WESPAC) inparticular. In 2015, as a result of large growth between 1997 and 2009, and it cotinueing since, the Chinese Navy, for the first time, is near numeric parity with the overall US Navy, and significantly exceeds the US Navy in terms of numbers in the Western Pacific. This is due to rapid growth in new PLAN vessels, and relative slow decommissioning of older PLAN vessels. The numbers of new, modern PLAN DDGs, FFGs, and FFLs, continues to grow rapidly. Nonetheless, when comparing workhorse combatants (Nuclear attack subs, AEGIS guided-missile destroyers and cruisers, aircraft carriers, and major amphibious combatatnts the US retains a qauntitative and qualitative lead. But the capabilities of the many PLAN lighter, modern guided-missile FFGs and FFLs, and their large and modern non-nuclear sub fleet, poses significant challenge to the US Navy, Use the links to navigate the site to areas of interest. The table below represents, in general terms, the relative growth of both fleets over the last eighteen years and summarizes the percentage growth or shrinkage, and their relative sizes.


Note 1: Amphib vessels down to the LCU 2000 (US) and the Type 79 II Yuhai (PLAN) are included.
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Jeff Head is an engineering consultant with many years experience in the power, defense, and computer industries. He currently works for the federal government helping maintain and protect regional infrastructure. He is a member of the U.S. Naval Institute, and is also the author of a self-published and best-selling series of military techno-thrillers called "Dragon's Fury: World War against America and the West," which projects a fictional third world war arising out of current events. You can learn more about that series and his other, non-fiction work, by clicking on the pictures of the novel covers below:

Dragon's Fury

Dragon's Fury - World War Against America and the West
: Following great success in the War on Terror, politicians and analysts alike thought that future global conflict was impossible...but they were wrong. Journey into a possible future where Islamic terrorists sharpen their horrific skills & ally with Red China. In such a future, can the U.S. & western civilization survive?
Stand at Klamath Falls

The Stand at Klamath Falls
: How rural western farmers and their supporters stood up to entrenched environmentalism, activist judges, and agencies of the Federal gGovernment in southwestern Oregon...and prevailed.

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