I take the title for this essay from a book written about Nazi Germnay in World War II. That book was called "When Truth was Treason" and was about a group of young men who dared defy Hitler and his Nazi propoganda machine in the early 1940's.

Their sin? They took issue with the propoganda being published by the Nazi's regarding the war effort and began doing what research they could and publishing, via hand made flyers, the truth.

The result? The ring leader, a 16 year old boy, was beheaded by the SS while his friends were shipped off to concentration camps. The "ring leader" and his friends were taken to Berlin and tried at the highest levels. While the other boys cowered, this young man stood before a high official of the SS and when asked if he had published data which conflicted with the State's report, he asked the SS High Command, "Do you believe the State's report?". For these affronts, and this attitude, he was beheaded and his friends sent to the gulag. One survivied several years in German conentration camps, forced service in the German army and then several years after the war in Siberia. When ultimately returning to Germany, he wrote the book.

Today, though many do not want to believe it or comtemplate it, we live in a time, when the truth of our nation's heritage, the principles upon which its true liberty is based and the commitment required to maintain that liberty, are not only being denied and ignored, they are being villafied and set up to be viewed as "wrong thinking" and seditious. Ultimately, this thinking, particularly since it has become the basis for the "politically correct" dogma and propoganda of this nation's major governmental, political and media institutions, will lead to conditions similar to those which existed in Nazi Germany and any other totalitarian state.

We can see this all around us, whether it's labeled "gun nuts", "right wing extremists", "Christian fanatics", "homophobes", etc. the terminology itself is engineered to degenerate and disenfranchise any who voice their views in favor of the fundamental moral and philosphical principles that underpin our liberties. These efforts to marginalize and ultimately criminalize the truth of our heritage, our way of life, many of our rights and the foundational moral values that lay at their core, are clear.

Where they lead is also clear.

As in Nazi Germany, and other totalitarian states that are begotten through their efforts to propogandize the people and cull independent, liberty minded people from their midst, these trends will lead to the people themselves incrementally accepting evil and tyranny in the name of superfolous reasoning. Attitudes like:

1. Everything is fine, after all, the trains are running on time.
2. Winning an election is more important than truth, we'll address the truth after we win.
3. Don't worry about principle because educators, the media, and our leaders know what's best.
4. Be true to the "Party", don't let principle stand in the way of the "big" tent because the party leaders have a plan.
5. Don't offend anyone with direct talk or images about what is happening around us...that just drives them away.
6. Don't throw away a vote for your conscience that's like voting for the other side.
7. Don't worry about your own self defense, that's the government's job.

...and more become the norm and in their name essential liberty, the fundamental principles upon which it rests and anyone committed to it are sacrificed and discarded as "danerous", "extremist", and "out of step" with reality.

How do we reverse such trends?

We educate ourselves about our heritage and liberties and then we educate others. There are many more people in this nation who understand the fundamental truths, either intellectually, or in their hearts, than we realize. They have been marginalized, but we must stand forthrightly and find them, gather with them (and do it not just in one or two places with a few dozen, but in tens of thousands of places all over this land), converse with them, educate one another, spread the word and prepare...prepare for war.

In reality, the eternal vigilance necessary for liberty should have led us to always as citizens, be prepared for war anyway. This is so that no internal tyrant would ever think of challenging "we the people". But we have been complacant and they are well beyond "challenging" us...they are in the process of destroying us.

The root of the problem has the isolation of the individual by the propoganda machine of those seeking absolute power. This occured in Germany, it occured in the Soviet Union, it is still in place in Red China and many other totalitarian states around the world ... and it is occurring right now, right here in the United States.

The answer to the problem is to un-isolate ourselves. We still have some effectual powers to do so (talk radio, the internet, our homes, our communities and ability to gather there, etc.) and turn it around. This effectual power is still backed up by the actual power of the 2nd amendment.

Good people understand this inately and are driving arms and ammo sales up to all-time record highs as this evil is growing so rapidly amongst us.

Is there little wonder then why there is such a push to destroy that actual power by the enemies of liberty? ... or any wonder, given the trends and historical precedent, why so many allow it to incrementally occur? It is being programmed that way!

We must stand forthrightly and spread the word and let our brother and sister Americans who still recognize or can perceive the foundational truths of our liberties know that they are not alone. There are more of them out there than we realize. We have been programmed by 30 second sound bites and the mass media, government indoctrination centers for our children and treasonous officials to believe that we are alone in this thinking. We must break out of it.

We must encourage our compatriots, relatives, friends and neighbors to publically take the stand now, despite current risks. By so doing, we can empower them to break out of the propoganda, marginalization and isolation traps set for them ... and avoid the much harsher reality that await us in the near future.

That reality is taught to us by history and history is a harsh and direct school master. If we the people do not break out of the "truth is treason" cycle before both our actual and effectual power is completely negated...well, just ask our founders, or ask the European Jews of the early 1940's, or ask the folks in the "Soviet Empire" or dissidents in Red China under Mao ... or ask the youth of Tienamen Square what the results will be.

The result of letting these conditions go unanswered, and allowing "truth" to be labeled "treason" is either bloody revolution or genocide. As Sophocles wrote well over 23 centuries ago :

Far-stretching, endless Time
Brings forth all hidden things,
And buries that which once did shine.
The firm resolve falters, the sacred oath is shattered;
And let none say, "It cannot happen here".
It is happening right here...right now.

Jeff Head
Emmett, Idaho
September 10, 2000, Updated June 11, 2009



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