After reading a lot on the matter, studying all the various sides of the story, praying a lot about it, and considering it all based on what I have now seen of Obama over the last few years, my own opinion (and I stress that it is only my opinion) of who Barack Hussein Obama really is, is best expressed by the folowing:

Obama's mother was a wild, flowerchild...raised of fairly lenient and liberal parents, who went out into the world at an early age, oft times to poor third world countries, and exercised what was termed "free love," of the day.

I believe she got pregnant by Obama's Kenyan father, Barack Obama, and that the son, Barack Hussein Obama was actually born in Kenya. I believe that the grandparents, concerned for the welfare of their daughter and now for their new grandson, got her to quickly bring Barack back to America where they used whatever influence they could to get his birth to show having occurred in Hawaii for the sake of their grandchild...which sentiment I can easily understand having eight grandchildren of my own.

No conspiracy to make him President or anything like that, they just wanted to get him in the best position he could be in to face life and have a better chance because of that blessed citizenship.

After the father, Barrack Obama deserted the family, Obama's mother took up with and married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesiaon Islamic, and off to Indonesia they went, where Obama was clearly raised as a Muslim with the name Barry Soetoro. His own words, the records, etc. all indicate that this is so and it influenced his life because he remained there until he was 10-11 years old, old enough for it to have influenced his early development significantly. I believe at this time in life he developed the feeling that the Muslim "call to prayer," was one of the most "beautfiul sounds on earth," as he would later tell a reporter during an interview.

Then his Mom left Soetoro and brought Barack back to the United States...and ultimately abandonned him to be raised by his grandparents. And they raised him as best they could given their own background and beliefs.

With no father, and no mother, and grandparents trying to raise him, he was a confused young man (as I believe his biography clearly attests). In that biography he admits to basically being absent his last two years of High School and studying rarely, drinking alcohol heavily, doing marijuana often and blowing cocaine whenever he could afford it. There is little doubt that this drug use continued into his college years and beyond, probably up to and into the time he was elected as a state representative in Illinois.

While still in Hawaii, he took up with increasingly militant anti-Americans like Frank Davis, who influenced him furhter and further away from the citizenship his grandparents (I believe) had purchased for him. Some people believe that Frank Davis was actually Obama's father and that this was why he showed such interest in him at that time. Davis was an openly professing Communist. But I do not subscribe to this theory.

Ultimately his grandparents were able to get him into Occidental College, where, while he attended school, he met a Muslim young man whom he befriended or vice-versa. I do not believe it was a hard thing at all for him to do given his Indonesian background.

He traveled with this individual to Pakistan when it was not an easy thing to do. Apparently this individual's father was fairly well connected and I believe he became a mentor for the young Obama because when he came back from the trip, it was not long before he was able to begin attending Ivy League schools. The transcripts of Obama's schooling and student loans at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard are all sealed by executive order. What would they show? Under what terms did he get loans? How did he list himself? Those are all questions that should be answered so the people of this country can properly understand this man's background.

From there we know the story.

Columbia, on to Harvard. 1st black President of the Harvard Law Review at 28 years old (although he was really only half black). Interestingly enough, recently some of this has been answered because of a document that has surfaced. In 1991, a then Bio Obama produced for himself through a Literary Agent, Acton and Dystel, was to be used to help promote his first book, "Journies in Black and White," which he later abandoned, but also to be kept for projects like his later biography, "Dreams of my Father," and his achievements at Harvard. In it, here is what he said about himself:

Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan Finance Minister, he attended Columia University...

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Acton and Dystel now says this wording was a simple mistake and mis-communication...even though the bio as written stayed in place until Obama ran for the US Senate. It is my belief that that's when the story stopped being referred to and when, IMHO, he realized that his own official account needed to change officially to what his grandparents had purchased and created for him. A birth in Hawaii. It was going to matter once he was a U.S. Senator. Before that time, it did not matter, and was used to help propel his story when he was just the President of the Harvard Law Review.

At Harvard, he went on to get his law degree. Thereafter he was Working for ACORN, later representing ACORN. To Chicago and his associations with the radical Black Theology Reverend Wright (and Wright's church), Rezkow and the admitted and unrepentant terrorist Ayers. Election to the Illinois legislature. A quick rise to the US Senate and then immediatley to the Presidency. And now, after four years of the most disasterous economic policy, the most disasterous foreign policy, the most disasterous welfare policies, the largest takeover by Government of the private sector, the highest and largest deficit in American history, and a horrible list of "1st"s by an American President,...he is ready to try and get elected for another four years.

But should he be? If the above bio is a true account of his background and birth...he was never really the President in any case, because he was not eligable, and would not be eligable to run now. These questions simply must to be answered. And the answer from people who materially or politically or in any other way profit from the answer that somehow none of this matters cannot be a part of the process. They have an obvious conflict of interest. An investigation, impartial and professional, needs to be conducted at the highest levels to ascertain the truth.

In any case, wherever he was born, I believe the man is an abject Marxist ideolog. I believe he is backed and financed by very rich liberal/progressive concerns, both political and financial (like Soros). I believe he is very sympathetic to, partial to, and in his heart allied with fundamental Islam. I believe his Christian church going an absolute marxistic construct molded after the Latin American Liberation Theoloogies, which were specifically created to get peasants who would not leave the Catholic church to rise up in marxist revolutions in those countries to take part in and be hidden behind a very liberal, marxist religion...which is exaclty what is happening with Black Liberation Theology in this country, to which Barack Hussein Obama adheres.

But again, all of these are just my own opinions.

In any case it is obvious that he is destroying this republic and he is doing it with a will...on purpose, as a part of his plan to "fundamentally change" America.

We simply must do all in our power to remove him from office this November.


Jeff Head
Idaho, USA
June 2012



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