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Designation: CVL (DDH)
Length: 815 ft
Width: 125 ft
Beam: 110 ft
Displacement: 30,000 tons (full load)
Propulsion: 4 GE LM2500 COGAG, 2 shafts
Speed: 30+ knots
Crew: 970 (Includes Air Wing)
Airwing: (Up to)
- 12 F-35B JSF
- 08 V-22 Osprey
- 08 ASW & SAR Helos
Hanger Size (LxWxH):
- 550 ft. x 80 ft. x 22 ft. (44,000 ft. sq.)
- 2 x 11 Cell SeaRAM
- 2 x 20mm Phalanx CIWS
- 2 x Triple 324mm topedoe tubes
Elevators: 2
Ships in class: 2 Planned
DDH-183, Izumo (Trials)
DDH-184, Unnamed (Building)
The first in class 22DDH aircraft carrier, JS Izumo, DDH-183, for the Japanese Marittime self-Defense Force (JMSDF) was launched on Auguts 6, 2013 in Yokohama, Japan. It was outfitted throughout 2014 and begain its sea trials at the end of September 2014.

The second in class, DDH-184, began building in late 2013.

In 2007 and 2009 Japan built the Hyuga class of helicopter aircraft carriers. Two ships, DDH-181, the Hyuga, and DDH-182, the Ise, 650 feet long, displacing 20,000 tons full load. They look like small Sea Control aircraft carriers but embark ASW and SAR helicopters and can act as command vessels for JMSDF ASW task forces.

In 2009, Japan announced plans to build two larger carriers. These were given the project number 22DDH, and displace in excess of 27,000 tons full load and are 815 feet long. The official name of the lead vessel is the Izumo, DDH-183, and so they will be the Izumo Class. They will hold quite a few more aircraft, their flight deck will be completely clear, with all weapons located on sponsons off deck or on the island, and they will have a larger, side mounted elevator on the aft, starboard side. In addition, the hanger has been enlarged considerably, about twice the square footage. These changes strongly emply that these vessels will embark VSTOL aircraft, potentially the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter being built by the United States should the Japanese elect to purchase any.

These changes also make it clear that they will also be able to support the V-22 Osprey VSTOL aircraft to be used for SAR, Recon and for troop transport. The V-22 Osprey already made cross-deck flights to the Hyuga Class and was taken below decks into the Hyuga hanger spaces in 2012.

The vessels are equipped with Phased Array Radars, full battle management capabilities, and link capabilities for cooperative engagements. They are also built to embark up to 500 troops and up to fifty vehicles if necessary for air assault as well, though there is no well deck and any vehicles will either be transported by air, or use RORO facilities to get off the ship.

The construction of the first ship began in 2011 at an IHI Marine United shipyard in Yokohama. Funding totaling 113.9 billion yen ($1.5 billion) was set aside as a part of the fiscal 2010 budget for this vessel. This first carrier, as stated, was launched at Yokohama in August 2013. The second ship will be launched in late 2015.

These vessels will represent a significant enhancement of Japanese Sea Control capabilities. With one Hyuga class providing ASW and SAR, and with one or two AEGIS destroyers providing anti-air, ASW, and ASuW escort, with these new larger carriers also capable of providing ASW coverage, or carrying a wing of strike fighters, the Japanese will be able to embark a very powerful carrier strike group.

Analysts believe feel that these capabilities are being developed in response to the significant growth of the Chinese PLAN and the launch of their first carrier, the ex-Varyag, which began trials in August of 2011

DDH-183, Izumo, starting Sea Trails, September 2014

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