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Designation: LHD
Length: 653 ft
Width: 105 ft
Beam: 105 ft
Displacement: 21,300 tons
Propulsion: 4 Wärtsilä diesel engines,
2 PODS (2 Mermaïd elec. motors, )
Speed: 19 knots
Crew: 1,060
Troops: 1,400
Airwing: 16 Rotary, vtol
- 2 X 2 Simbad SAM
- 2 X 30mm CIWS
Elevators: 2
Ships in class: 3
BPC Mistral L9013
BPC Tonnerre L9014
BPC Dixmude L9015
The Mistral class represents an ambitious, new development for the French navy. Built quickly in a modular design and manufacturing environment, the Mistral class will is providing the French with much improved over-the-horizon LHD amphibious assault capability similar to that possessed by the United States Navy with its Wasp Class, and the UK with its Ocean Class.

The vessels displace 21,300 tons, can carry between 16 and 35 helicopters...depending on size of the helos, can carry up to 900 French Marines and their equipment, have a well deck to accomodate up to 2 LCACs or 4 French CTMs and can cruise at 18 knots. They are 653 feet long and 105 ft wide.

The lead ship, the Mistral, was laid down on 10 July 2003, launched on 6 October 2004, and was commissioned in February of 2006. The second ship, the Tonnerre, was laid down on 26 August 2003, launched on 26 July 2005, and was commissioned in December of 2006. The third ship, the Dixmude, was laid down on 18 April 2009, launched on 18 December 2010, and was commissioned in May of 2011.

The class has seen very successful combat service in the Libyan operation to oust Gaddafi and in the fight against Somalian pirates.

This class, with its proven success, its strong capabilities and yet fast modular construction and commissioning, has been adopted by the Russian Navy. The first two vessels will be built by the French for the Russians in France with Russian assistance, to be commissioned with Russian sensors and armaments by 2016. The final two ships will be licensed built by the Russians in St. Petersburg, Russia, to be commissioned by 2018. This will make a total of four vessels produced for the Russian Navy.

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